Kascher sc4 steam cleaner and its virtues

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The SC4 is a best-seller in the Karcher category of steam cleaners available in the market today. Nevertheless, we’ll see how it brings several inventions when matched to the minor range model. Here are the fiche technique Karcher SC4



– Forceful jet with uninterrupted steam
– Numerous trappings
– Storage sections for accouterments and the power cable
– Removable tank



– A shorter power cable
– Might leave water deposit after passing



– Steam controller
– Tank volume: 0.5L + 0.8L
– Heating duration: 4 min
– Self-sufficiency: unrestricted
– Power: 2000W
– Force: 3.5 bar
– Flow rate: 110g / min
– Bulk: 6.2 kg
– Power Cable: 4 meters
– Position Parking
– Child-Friendly and safe

steam clean


The SC4 is a medium-sized sleigh steam cleaner for solid surfaces: linoleum, mirrors, tiles, windows, taps, etc. It is not designed for fabrics and carpeting which steam can impair. In contrast, it is sold with a battery for the vacuuming of particulars, for instance, the oven, the hob, the worktop, the hood, and others.

Its uniqueness in comparison to Karcher SC3 is its twin tank that enables it to produce steam unceasingly. On one side, is an immobile tank of 50cl which heats and generates heat, while on the other a removable stowage reservoir of capacity 80cl fills the initial one as it empties. This twin tank provides you with 40 minutes of self-support before being refilled.

From the viewpoint of its pure features, we do not perceive any enhancements among the SC4 and the SC3, we even revert on specific facets such as their heating time, 4 minutes compared to 30 secs for SC3. With its 2000-watt motor-powered engine, the SC4 is somewhat more potent than the preceding model, utilizing 20% a smaller amount of power. This is an actual development! No variation in force, though, at 3.5 bar though the SC5 is 4.2.

To sum up, SC4 is an effective, handy and useful cleaner that performs the job efficiently. The real advantage of this version is its extra removable tank.



By the, SC1020,SC3 and the SC2 sled cleaners, the SC4 is smaller, a somewhat condensed component (50 cm long), light and simple to maneuver.

The main invention of this design matched to preceding models is the incorporation of a corresponding removable tank far more suitable. It is transparent to enable you to observe the residual water level. This machine is furnished with storing spaces to place the trappings its power cable right onto it. The gauge lights are simplified in comparison to the earlier model. They comprise a steam light set as well as light to show when the water tank should be filled.

A negative point to note however is its power cable which is just 4 meters just as the SC3, which is quite short.



The SC4 doesn’t bring any surprise attachment level; i discovered the same on the SC3:

– Two allowance tubes of 50 cm respectively
– “Comfort Plus” floor vacuuming head that includes a mop
– A windscreen and a hand brush
– A round shaped brush
– A pencil-like jet nozzle
– A scraping stick

open and close button


The handle of this cleaner comprises a 2-level steam regulator to fine-tune the flow frequency to the surface being cleaned. At its supreme power, it produces a flow degree of 110g per minute, slightly greater than the SC3.

Tips for hiring bond cleaners on a limited budget

Vacuum cleaner

Are you planning to move to your new home? It is likely to be an exciting experience which can happen to your life. However, you cannot move to the new home before you get a refund of your bond money. Therefore, to secure the funds, you need to hire the best bond cleaners who can offer you excellent bond cleaning service. There are professional bond cleaners who can help you. If you are planning to hire a professional company but you have a limited budget, the following tips can be of great help.

Hiring bond cleaners

Services included

cleanersSearching on the web is a good way of finding these professionals. Bond cleaners offer a broad range of cleaning services. You need to ask about everything which is included in their services such as carpet vacuuming and bedroom cleaning. Moreover, you need to determine whether they are offering services which are reliable. Also, asking your friends and colleagues can help you find reputable bond cleaners. It is advisable to look for cleaners that carry out different tasks such as carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, gout cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and upholstery and furniture cleaning.

Also, the cleaners ought to clean outside your house. The lawn, carport, and pool ought to be cleaned up. Remember that if you leave the house dirt, you will not get your bond back. You should note that landlords and property managers are not considerate as far as condition and cleanliness of the house is concerned.


Do not give out money if the cleaning contractor you are about to hire is not licensed. It is your duty to check whether the cleaning company is accredited and licensed by the relevant associations. Moreover, you need to wary about companies that promise quality services without proof. This is because they might as well not deliver. Instead, hire only legitimate companies.


cleaners serviceOther than licensing, you need to ensure you hire experienced professionals. In fact, bond cleaners ought to be highly qualified and experienced to carry out the job. They should know the job well and the associated costs. When you talk to them, you will realize how they offer their services. You should ask questions to gauge their experience. Ask whether they provide bond cleaning services with a guarantee. This is quite helpful as you can save cash knowing you are hiring the right company.