The Process Of Cleaning New Wood Floors


New wood floors make your home look warm earthy and beautiful. They are also durable and capable of lasting for decades when given proper care. Since grime and dirt are always visible on new woods as on carpets, keeping your floors always clean seems to be a form of high maintenance. Cleaning your wood floors is a straightforward task. The regular maintenance involves sweeping by use of a soft bristle broom and dusting with a dry fiber mop. However, the minute you establish this routine makes the cleaning process fun. Knowing the cleanliness is essential for these new wood floors since it protects and maintains your ideal investment. They are kept to look much lovely by observing these tips of keeping cleanliness.

Use a vacuum cleaner

Make use of vacuum or dust mop to remove pet hair, dust, dirt, and other forms of debris which could scratch your floor. Use of a vacuum attached to a beater bar can damage the floor surface. Instead, make use of an attachment of a floor brush. Depending on the number of pets, traffic and your children, you will need to perform this once a week.vacuum

Mopping the dust with a mopper

Mopping of the dust would not remove the grime and dirt that builds up over time. For a period of deep cleaning, the liquid cleaner would be the most preferred to use. A commercial cleaning product for your wood like Murphy’s Oil Soap and Bona can also be used. However, it is very crucial to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Moreover, you can make your cleaner by just mixing ten parts of warm water to one part of vinegar then adding two to three drops of liquid

Use of castile soap

Whatever cleaner of your choice, the process of cleaning wood floors and engineered new wood floors remains the same. Saturate a sponge mop or a rag in the cleaning solution of your choice. Wring it thoroughly to dump the mop, not wet. Clean your floor using the cleaner, carefully not to put much liquid on it. Rinse your mop with a fresh water and pour out excess. When damp, wipe the floor clean. After cleaning, wipe out excess water using a clean and dry towel since standing water can damage the floor.

Other alternatives

vacuum cleanerYou can as well use two tea bags and boiling water to clean your new wood floors. The presence of tannic acid in the tea creates a stunning shine. Let the two tea bags steep well in boiling water for five to ten minutes then pour the tea into a bucket. Afterward, take a very soft cloth, wring it out in tea and damp it not soaked. This enables the floors to dry much more quickly. Afterward, wash your floor and prepare to face the incredible sheen.

Prevent damage and dirt from your neat, cleaned floors. Put doormats outside exterior doors and inside to cut down moisture and dirt tracked in. Avoid making scratches by making use of floor protectors beneath the furniture and put down rugs in the high-traffic areas. With the knowledge of cleaning, the wood floor will keep looking beautiful for decades and years.