Pros and Cons of Roof-mounted Air Conditioners

rooftop-mounted HVAC system

These are the HVAC systems used in industrial and commercial buildings to improve the indoor living conditions. They consist of cooling and heating equipment such as a condenser, furnace, compressor unit, heat pump, boilers, and ductwork. They are helpful in preventing overheating. You can use them to provide cool air in the building. If you want to know more about these units, this website will provide you with all the essential details concerning them.

Providing cool air is one of the effective methods of regulating the indoor climate. The unit chosen should be capable of delivering high-quality air. This air should be free from volatile organic compounds and odours from industrial waste or chemicals.

Ground-mounted vs. roof-mounted systems

roof-mounted HVAC sytem

HVAC systems are either mounted on the basement slab or on the roof. The contractors typically estimate the equipment and the HVAC systems used for small buildings. When it comes to large buildings, the HVAC system is designed, analyzed and estimated by mechanical engineers, building engineers, and service managers. The placement or installation of your system will play an essential role concerning cost savings and efficiency.

Advantages of roof-mounted air conditioners

For industrial facilities, you are required to have packaged rooftop for installing your HVAC unit. The following are the main advantages associated with these units;

Space saving

The rooftop is considered as one of the ideal places for installing the HVAC systems. This space is unaccounted for, and making maximum use of it is a great idea. Roof mounted unit is helpful as it frees up the floor space. This space can be used for different manufacturing functions. The large units are housed in self-contained cabinets, and they can be installed easily.

One system for heating and cooling

These units are well-designed and configured. They contain all the heating and cooling needs of a building or industrial facility. With this system, you do not have to buy separate systems. Apart from being convenient, these units are easy to repair and maintain. They can be repaired easily without interfering with the other activities and functions in the facility or building.

Easy installation

installed HVAC on rooftop

They can be installed much easier as compared to the ground-mounted ones. Appropriate vibration isolation rails should be used to eliminate vibration. Minimizing vibration will help you in lowering the sound level or noise. Installation can be done without disrupting the operational activities in the building.



Regular maintenance is required

These units are exposed to the natural elements such as dirt, rain, sunshine, hails and snow. They should be maintained regularly to ensure that they are working efficiently.